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Harmony Court Estate August 2015 Activity Calendar and Newsletter

Message From the General Manager

I would like to say a very fond farewell to a couple of very special ladies, Pippa Ogis and Celeste Bouffard. Pippa was our 2nd  floor Unit Clerk and Home Care Coordinator for the estate side and Celeste was our Recreation Manager and Volunteer Coordinator.

Pippa has moved to St. Catharines Ontario with her fiancé so he can pursue his education and Celeste is following her dream and returning to College to attain her Bachelors Degree in Recreation Therapy.

We wish you both Life’s Best and thank you for your dedication and compassion to all the residents at Harmony Court.

PS: Team building events will never be the same without you both. Team Paintball photo above.

In exchange of these wonderful staff members we would like to give a warm welcome to the new Unit Clerk Renata or Ren Palaganas and the new Recreation Manager Jessica Lemire. We look forward to having you both on our team at Harmony Court!

A Word of Advice from Teepa Snow

As one of America’s leading educators on dementia, Teepa Snow’s  philosophy is reflective of her education, work experience, available medical research, and first hand care giving interactions.

Working as a Registered Occupational Therapist for over 30 years her wealth of experience has led her to develop Positive Approach to Care techniques and training models that now are used by families and professionals working or living with dementia or other brain changes throughout the world

This 12 min clip with Teepa is practical and valuable. Teepa explains that by understanding the strengths of a “Gem” it can change the caregiver approach and result in a different response from the person with cognitive impairment. Nothing you haven’t heard before but a really good refresher. Enjoy. — Teepa’s Gems

Paula Anderson

General Manager

Recreation News

Maintain Your Brain: Food and Water

For years scientists have explored the relationship between diet and brain development and within the plenty decade there has been plenty of research aimed at understanding how specific foods affect brain function. For instance, a 2014 study conducted by Rush University Medical School in Chicago found that cinnamon can positively impact degenerative diseases such as Parkinson`s and Alzheimer`s disease.

Other foods that are frequently named in studies related to brain health and optimization of memory include whole grains, salmon (Omega-3), blueberries, black currents, avocados, nuts and seeds, tomatoes, and dark chocolate.

Food Rules

While the list of ingredients touted as healthy ‘brain foods’ continues to grow, it’s important to remember that ultimately seniors are best off consuming a balanced diet that is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, calcium, protein, whole grains and foods high in dietary fibre.

Water Wellness

Hydration is vital to all aspects of health! For the brain it is required for basic function and for efficiency. Water can help ward off confusion, dry mouth, difficulty with chewing, and with other distressing conditions such as constipation and urinary tract infections.

For seniors it’s easy to forget to drink fluids regularly if they are less active and not as tuned into their sense of thirst. Experts suggest posting a note in your kitchen reminding you to sip water every hour and with every meal. While there is no consensus on the perfect amount of fluid to take in daily, the Mayo Clinic maintains a standard of at least eight 8- ounce glasses per day. 

One final note about eating and drinking … don’t get stuck in a rut! Nowadays there are all kinds of interesting vegetable prepared many different ways. Fruits from far-away lands can be a refreshing change from the usual choices. Bottled drinks in the organic section of the grocery store are tasty and chalked full of healthy ingredients.

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