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Harmony Court Estate August 2016 Activity Calendar & Newsletter

As we launch into Summer head on, I wonder where the time has
gone? We are already into August! And soon enough the fall will be
upon us.
We have had some great Bus Outings in the Month of July, one of
them was going to the Garden works and painting a Terra Cotta pot
and getting a plant to put into it. Everyone had fun and we had a
great lunch and did some shopping while we were there.
Our themed BBQ’s are always a big hit, and the food prepared by the
kitchen is delicious. We have 2 BBQ’s planned for August, and one of
them is Olympic themed as the Olympics start in Rio on Friday
August 5th. The schedule for all of the events will be posted in the
Activity room as well there will be a few copies for residents. All of
the Olympics are on CBC and show at various times, so check your TV
Guide to get the best times.
We are looking for a computer to be donated to the Library for the
Residents. The current one that resides there is older and needs to be
upgraded. If anyone has one that they would like to donate, and
maybe a printer, please come and see me. The residents would
appreciate it very much.
Remember to drink plenty of water during these hot days. It is easy to
get dehydrated and not even realize it. Our body is made up of 65%
water for men and 55% of water for women. So keep replenishing
yourself often.
I hope everyone has a great summer and gets out too enjoy the
sunshine as much as possible.
Happy BC Day!
Karen Scott
Recreation Coordinator


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