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Harmony Court Estate February 2015 Activity Calendar and Newsletter

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February may be a cold month yet Harmony Court Estate can keep you warm and busy till spring. Until then; you can keep up with all the ins and outs at Harmony Court. On Sunday the 1st, don`t miss the action with the Super Bowl 2015 game. We will have the live broadcast in the Garden Room and Fireside Lounge at 3:30pm.

During the month there will be a few places the bus will be heading based on high demand. On Monday the 2nd, the group will see the fantastic show at Fly Over Canada which will feature “The Flight of The Dragon”. On Monday, the 16th, the bus will be going to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory so you can fill up on delicious chocolates for your loved ones before Valentine’s Day.  On the 23rd the group will have a special tour through the CBC Newsroom and Lunch at Ken’s Chinese Food Restaurant.

February is a month filled with celebrations and special dates. You can participate in celebrating with the variety of entertainment and cultural food and games that will be here at Harmony Court. On Friday the 13th come have a good time with David O’Malley at the Valentine’s Day Party! There will also be a special valentine’s day lunch provided on this day. On Tuesday the 17th, New Orleans and Harmony Court will be celebrating the Festival Mardi Gras. Come join in with the fun in the Activity Room at 2:30pm. The event will include food traditionally eaten during the festival and games played by the locals. February 19th is another date to celebrate in the month; this is the beginning of the Chinese New Year Holiday. To celebrate there will be a special Chinese New Year Lunch on Friday the 27th.

Last month there was a recreation survey passed around for feedback on the current activities and future programs here at Harmony Court. Your Leisure Lifestyle Coordinator will review each survey and improve any programs as well as maybe try one or two new ones along the way. Together with your feedback, we can make Harmony Court a truly unique and wonderful place to live.

Have a great month and Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

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Celeste Bouffard
Leisure Lifestyle Coordinator