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Harmony Court Estate October 2014 Activity Calendar and Newsletter

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Welcome autumn and all the changes that come with it.  Bright colours on the trees, the cooler temperatures and the changes within Harmony Court are a few examples to take note of. Change might often feel intimidating at first, but to embrace it you must see the possibilities that lie ahead with transformation.

Throughout the month of September Harmony Court staff have been working very hard to arrange for all the meals to be held in the Garden Room. This change led to a few alterations with programs and their location. A number of programs are now going to be in the 3rd floor dining room which will be known as the Activity Room. Look on the calendar for Fitness n’ Fun, Fall Prevention Fitness, Painting Courses, Bingo and Poetry Readings to be held in this room. The atmosphere is peaceful and the view is beautiful too.

October is often the month for pumpkins, turkey dinners and goblins. Harmony Court will get to experience it all. There will be two thanksgiving meals prepared for the Garden Room. Sunday the 12th will be a turkey dinner and the 13th will be a ham dinner. On October 6th the bus will be headed to Maple Ridge to the Laity Pumpkin Patch. Here the group will be able to choose the best pumpkin that could win them a prize for the Pumpkin Carving Contest on the 24th. On Monday the 20th, the bus will venture to the OWL Rehabilitation Center, otherwise known as the Orphaned Wildlife Rehab Center in Burnaby and enjoy a picnic lunch there. Thursday the 23rd, the bus will be headed to a Tea and Trumpets show at the Orpheum Theatre. Cost is $34.00 per person. A picnic lunch will be provided in the Fireside Lounge at 11:15am. The last outing will be to see the Fly Over Canada’s Halloween Show; I can assure you the show will not be scary! Cost is $17.05 per person. Lunch will be at the Old Spaghetti Factory before the show.

Though the trees look beautiful outside, we would like to bring those colours indoors. If you are curious and brave, come down to the Garden Room on October 24th for Harmony’s Halloween House. It won’t be haunted but might create a spine tingling sensation as you walk through it. There are two decorating time slots in October, on the 7th and the 21st. Each decorating time will require some assistance, so please come on down and give the Garden Room and Fireside Lounge a new look! Speaking of new looks, we encourage you to find your best Halloween Costumes and put them on for the costume contest to be held on October 31st. Prizes will be awarded for the best and most creative. Staff will be dressed as well with your vote on who wore it best.

Have a Great October Everyone!

Celeste Bouffard, Leisure Lifestyle Coordinator

Harmony Court Estate October 2014 Newsletter

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