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January 2015 Activity Calendar and News – Walden Heights

Message from the General Manager

We welcome 2015 with great anticipation.  Looking at the coming year we will see even more changes to our Walden Heights Seniors Community.  We will be commencing our final stage of commissioning welcoming 29 Long Term Care and 29 Long term Care Memory Care Residents. In the spring the new seniors independent apartments will be completed and the Daycare will soon be up and running. We will be opening the second courtyard for the summer and we anticipate being able to have may activities take place outside.

As Walden Heights continues to grow we want to encourage our Residents and Families to participate in the many activities that are taking place.  We want your feedback and invite you to join us in our Family meeting that will continue to be held each month.  As well, please feel free to ask questions, make comments, send us emails or through the Comment cards across for the entrance, even if you cannot attend.  These comments and ideas will be reviewed in the meetings.

We will be announcing the winners of the MVP awards in January and posting their pictures, as well as those of the previous winners.

We hope you all had a joyous holiday season and wish you a great New Year.


Carol Law
General Manager

Message from the Director of Care

With the New Year we are reviewing our outbreak best protocols.  As you are all aware we are here for the Health and Safety of our Residents. We generally have two different forms of outbreak, either Gastro intestinal (stomach) or Respiratory (lungs).  When we declare an outbreak it is a result of the testing of our Residents and receiving a confirmation from Calgary Labs that our Residents are in outbreak. We do ask that you consider not visiting our Residents during this time.  They are often much more susceptible to illness, and even if they do not have symptoms may already be fighting the flu. By visiting, you may be exposing them to other germs that they are not able to fight off.

Our goal when we are caring for your family members or friends is to offer the best care possible for them and keep you informed as to the best way you can assist us in doing the same.

We work as a team to ensure that we are minimizing all the risk we can by using proper hand hygiene.  We wash and sanitize our hands when we go from area to area, when our hands make contact with residents or objects and as frequently as we can.  We encourage you all to take the time to read the signs and follow these steps to help us help them be healthy.

Happy Healthy New Years to everyone is our wish to you.

Trish Ramstead
Director of Care

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