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July 2015 Newsletter & Calendar – Walden Heights

General Manager

Hi Everyone,

The summer is coming and we hear it will be a warm one.  Once again we want to remind families that when they are going outside that they ensure residents are properly hydrated, drink plenty of water, wear sun protective clothing and sun glasses.  We are excited that the courtyards are now open to our residents and families to enjoy.  I know that our Recreation team is gearing up for the Stampede week here at Walden Heights that they have been so successful with in the past.  We will continue to have family meetings every month where you can meet our team and help us to improve our service.  We are in the process currently of getting the feedback form our residents on how we can improve and are sending the same surveys out to families.  We ask that you take the time to fill them in so we can work with you to get better.

Next Family Meeting will be held on Wed, July 29th at 3:00pm.

Yours, Carol Law


Director Of Care

As we enter into what we hope is a glorious summer, the care team is busy preparing for the fall. October 07 is the date set for Walden’s supportive Living Influenza Immunization Day. Our receptionist has consents available for families who currently make decisions on behalf of their family member. You may pick up these consents while visiting and return completed to reception. Our team will also be contacting families by phone and mail, as we get closer to the October date.

Trish Ramstead

July 2015 Calendar – Walden

July 2015 Newsletter – Walden Heights