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July 2016 Calendar & Newsletter – Agecare Midnapore


Notable Quote

“We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry.” ~ E.B. White


July at a Glance

July 1—Happy Canada Day (No Exercise or Recreation Programs)

July 4—Converstaionalists in the Bridlewood Retreat

July 5—Grumpy Old Men go to William Wastson Lodge in Kananaskis

July—Chinese Food In house Supper

July 6—Dwayne Fettig in the Atrium

July 11—Seated Zumba in the Atrium

July 12—Heritage Days at Stampede Park

July 13—Stampede Party with William Bjorn

July 15—Carnival Day & Closing Parade

July 18—Cora’s Breakfast Outing

July 19—Peter’s Drive in Outing

July 21—In House Supper in the Courtyard

July 26—Saskatoon Berry Farm Outing

July 27—Memorial Service

July 28—Red Hatter’s In house Lunch

Check Out Your Neighbourhood Calendar for more Programs and Fun!

July 2016 Calendar & Newsletter

Family Caregiver Support Group

Are you interested in joining a support group where you meet other caregivers?  Talk with and learn from others who share common experiences. Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning September 20th from 2:00pm to 3:30pm. Call Marianna Boyer, SW 403-873-2617 to register. Space is limited.

Neighbourhood BBQ’s are Back!

Each neighbourhood will be getting a Lunch BBQ provided by the Kitchen and served by the Recreation department.

July 22—Heritage Pointe

July 29—Evergreen

August 5—Chaparral

August 12—Bridlewood

August 19—Somerset

August 26—Shawnessy

September 2—Sundance

Attention Residents and Families

Ever wonder how your food is made? If you are interested in seeing the day to day operation of the AgeCare Midnapore kitchen please contact Avery Cochrane, Hospitality Manager.  He is located adjacent to the recreation office or can be reached at or 403-873-2841. Tours of the kitchen can accommodate groups or 1:1 with the hospitality staff. Come check it out!



Questions or Concerns Please Contact

Tori White, Recreation Coordinator