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July 2018 Newsletter & Calendar – Agecare Glenmore

Yahoo!!! Stampede is here!! Grab your boots and mosey on over for lots of Stampede Fun!! Join us for Stampede Brunch on July 11 at 12 noon and Carnival Games on July 12 at 2:00 pm.


Important Dates

  •   July 6 – Stampede Parade Viewing
  •   July 10 – Stampede Outing
  •   July 11  – Resident Stampede Brunch
  •   July 12 – Carnival Games
  •   July 25 – Memorial Service


  • Skip the traffic and busy downtown, join us for Stampede Parade viewing on July 6 at 9:30 am.
  • Come and show off your creativity at the Hyper Creative Art Class on July 16 at 1:30 pm.

Thank yous

  •    Thank you to all who attended the Seniors Recognition Social. It made for a wonderful Seniors Week this year!!
  •    Thank you to the Fil-can Calgary Church for the wonderful craft session.

Questions or Concerns ?

  •    If you have any questions or concerns about our events or our calendar please contact Chris Bannatyne, Director of Recreation at AgeCare Glenmore, at 403-640-8741.
  •   If you would like to volunteer or would like to find out more about what volunteering opportunities exist here, please contact Laura at 403-640-8742.


Download the AgeCare Glenmore Events Calendars & Newsletter:

Calendar – RT – July 2018

Calendar – Bayview – July 2018