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June newsletter & calendar – Walden

Update from the General Manager

Walden Heights is no longer on outbreak. It has been a struggle for the last few months with a variety of flu that our Residents experienced.

We will soon have the agreement for the flu shot to send out to families. Although the flu shot did not cover some of the strains we encountered, it did help some of our Residents.

We have just celebrated the belated 3rd anniversary of Walden Heights with cake, music and door prizes for our Residents, as well as some friendly competition and talents that we showcased of some of our Residents. It was very well attended. With Father’s Day coming up we will be including our Belated Mother’s day celebration as well.

We are looking forward to enjoying the great weather to come and some outdoor activities in our Courtyards.

We will soon be distributing the Surveys for our Residents and Families about Walden Heights. Again we encourage you to give us your feedback so we can work to continue to improve.

Next Family Meeting will be held on Wed, June 24th at 5:30pm.

Yours, Carol Law

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