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March 2015 Activity Calendar and News – Walden Heights

Message from the General Manager

Well, the Estates have opened at the end of February so we now have the Seniors Apartments as part of our Walden Heights Community. Things are starting to settle down as we work towards filling the last rooms in our Long Term Care and Supportive Living Neighborhoods. We look forward to an exciting summer with our second courtyard opening when the weather improves.  The daycare will soon be undergoing a transformation in preparation for occupancy. I wanted to welcome all the new Residents and Families to Walden Heights and we look forward to a great year.


Carol Law
General Manager

Message from the Recreation Team

March is a new month for an overhaul on the activities calendar!

We have changed our calendar to accommodate our almost 292 residents! We have not so much taken programs off but switched them to different times or different days. Please always look out for the Yellow colored Daily List for accurate program details on times & location.

Daily Bingo!

Yes, we have incorporated a new Bingo. For more details, please see instructions on posters around Walden.

Memorial Service

Walden has started a Memorial service for our residents that have passed. We will be holding it the last Friday of every month unless otherwise stated on Calendar/daily list. Next memorial service will be held on Friday 20th at 11:00am.

March Newsletter & Calendar

Walden Heights Newsletter March 2015

Walden Heights Calendar March 2015