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March 2015 Activity Calendar – Orchard Manor

Thank goodness the influenza outbreak is behind us and we are all pretty much back to good health. We have been very fortunate as that was the first outbreak at Orchard Manor and may I say I hope it is the last one. Good work on behalf of all of the staff.

I have added a new activity to the calendar, knitting and crocheting for anyone who wishes to participate. The plan is to make lap blankets, baby items etc. to donate to the hospital. There will be a  sign-up sheet so we know how many are interested.

Special activities to watch for:

  • March 2nd-Mon.-Monday Singers-9:30am-1stfl
  • March 3rd-Tues-Richard(accordian)-2:00pm-1stfl
  • March 5th-Thur.-Resident Council Meeting-10:00am-1stfl
  • March 17th-Tues.-Personal Touch Clothing-9:00am-1stfl
  • March 20th-Fri.-Catholic Easter Service-10:00am-2ndfl
  • March 24th-Tues.-Sweet Shop-2:00pm-1stfl
  • March 30th-Mon.-Monday Singers-9:30am-1stfl

Download the Orchard Manor Activity Calendar

Orchard Manor Calendar March 2015