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May 2015 Newsletter and calendar – Walden Heights

Update from General Manager

The Estates are now open and we are welcoming new independent seniors into the Walden Heights community. We are also nearing the completion of the commissioning phase of Walden Heights Long Term Care and Long Term Care Secured neighbourhoods.

As we go forward we will be continuing to work with our team, our families and Residents towards the goals we have set for ourselves regarding both our Residents and our staff. This upcoming year will prove to be exciting as we settle into our new building and with our new Residents and families.

Spring is coming and as we go forward with good weather we will start to open the courtyards for our Residents and their families to enjoy. We will place a notice on the doors when the courtyards are open.

On May 14th we will be celebrating our 3rd Anniversary of Walden Heights. We want to thank all Families, Residents, Volunteers and Staff that have contributed to Walden Heights successes.


Carol Law

Director Of Care

May 12 2015 is International Nursing Day
May 11-17 is Canadian Nursing Week

International Nurses Day is observed on May 12, 2015. It is celebrated around the world to mark the contributions nurses make to society. In January 1974, 12 May was chosen to celebrate the day as it is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, who is widely considered the founder of modern nursing.

Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurses may be differentiated from other health care providers by their approach to patient care, training, and scope of practice.

The Nursing Profession has been described as the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations.


Trish Ramstead

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