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Midnapore Estate Calendar & Newsletter April 2016

Our clocks sprung forward mid-March and spring officially arrived shortly thereafter..  We were blessed with a fairly mild winter and now it is time to start thinking of dusting off the patio furniture and planting some flowers to brighten up our front entrance and gazebo area.   If anyone is interested in helping with the planting and maintaining our flowers,  please let me know—I would like to put together a little garden club to help keep our outdoor areas looking nice over the summer.  This task would be shared between a few people and myself.  We have recently purchased a few new planters for around the gazebo that would be fairly low maintenance overall -once they have been planted.  I am excited to help you to start creating a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy in the warmer months of summer that lie ahead.


The walking club has walked many miles over the past few months and have made it to Okotoks and almost back again.  I will be hosting a celebration of your accomplishments coming in early May …so keep on walking—I can see in all of you that exercise does make a difference to our well-being.

April 2016 Estate Calendar