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Midnapore Estate Calendar & Newsletter February 2016

Hello Estate Residents;

February is Recreation Therapy Month!

Join us in Spirit Week, February 22nd to 26th

We will move & groove through the 5 domains of recreation from Monday to Friday. Residents will be encouraged to complete a BINGO card with different activities on it. First to get a line will win a prize! Check with your recreation facilitator to get your Recreation Activity BINGO Sheet.

Benefits of Therapeutic Recreation

Involvement in Recreation Therapy can assist to:

  • Reduce cardiovascular and respiratory risk
  • Reduce the risk of physical complications secondary to disability
  • Improve the general physical and perceptual motor functioning of individuals with a disability
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Improve coping behaviour
  • Reduce stress level
  • Increase self-concept, self-esteem, and adjustment to disability
  • Improve general psychosocial health
  • Improve social skills, socialization, cooperation, and interpersonal interactions
  • Increase or maintain general cognitive functioning
  • Increase or maintain short and long term memory
  • Increase life and leisure satisfaction and perceived quality of life
  • Increase social support
  • Increase community integration, community satisfactions and community self-efficacy

February 2016 Estate Calendar