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Midnapore Estate Calendar & Newsletter June 2016

Hello Estate Residents;

As you may have noticed, our plants have been planted outdoors for everyone to take pride in, and enjoy. If you wish to help in keeping them looking beautiful and healthy, you can help water them when they feel dry and look thirsty.  The water container is in the back corner of our gazebo area for everyone to access.

Thursday, June 2nd is our Hyper Creative Art Day, everyone is invited to take part in making art for our wall in the lounge.  No experience required to participate, come out and be part of this fun interactive event., or to watch our wall come to life with some fantastic creative pieces.

Seniors week is June 6th—12th

Seniors make a difference in our communities every day. From supporting family members and friends to assisting charities and volunteering, seniors are deeply involved in our communities and their contributions benefit Albertans of all ages.

We appreciate you!

June 2016 Estate Calendar