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And the MVP winners are…

We wanted to acknowledge the winners of our latest MVP nominations.

We recently requested feedback from our Residents, families and coworkers as who they would like us to recognize as an example of our Principles. We had a great response.

 The follow are our December 2014 MVP winners

  1. Mercedes, HCA,Trust
  2. Analyn P, HCA, Respect
  3. Tatiana, LPN, Quality
  4. Donna, HCA, Teamwork

Our previous winners …

July 2014

  • Amber, Unit Clerk,  Trust
  • Jaimy, LPN, Respect
  • Reynaldo, Houseperson, Quality
  • Cheryl, Rec Aide, Teamwork

Aug 2013

  • Frances, HCA, Trust
  • Rina, Rec, Respect
  • Tracy, LPN, Quality
  • Sanje, Kitchen, Teamwork