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November 2018 Newsletter & Calendar – AgeCare Glenmore

 November is our month of remembering. Thank you to all our men and women who fought for our freedoms and those who still do. Thank you as well to all the first responders from our great country who are one call away. You are all heroes! Our Remembrance Day Ceremony will be held on Thursday, November 8th this year at 10:45 am in the Atrium. There will also be students performing for us on Saturday November 10th at 2:00 with a Remembrance theme as well.

Important Dates

  •  Nov 8 – Remembrance Day Service
  • Nov 10 – Musical Recital “Remembrance Theme”
  • Nov 14 – Heritage Tea
  • Nov 16 – Palliser Tea
  • Nov 22 – Learn about the Calgary Library Program
  • Nov 26 – Foothills Concert Band


  • We are looking for donations of portable CD players (Walkman style) to be used for those residents who prefers/needs audio books. CD Walkman style players are hard to find but may be available through Amazon or other online shops.
  • Look for our Christmas Raffle Tickets coming soon.

Thank yous

  • Thank you to our wonderful volunteer Louise who has been helping us to get access to the services of the Calgary Public Library for our residents who love books.
  • Thank you everyone for all your continued support to our facility.

Questions or Concerns?

  • If you have any questions or concerns about our events or our calendar please contact Chris Bannatyne, Director of Recreation at AgeCare Glenmore, at 403-640-8741.
  • If you would like to volunteer or would like to find out more about what volunteering opportunities exist here, please contact Laura at 403-640-8742.

Download the AgeCare Glenmore Events Calendars & Newsletter:

November 2018 Calendar Bayview

November 2018 RT calendar.