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October 2018 Newsletter & Calendar – Agecare Glenmore

Fall is officially here even though it feels like it has been fall for a while. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We have so much to be Thankful for. We have great Residents, Families, Friends, Staff and Volunteers who always contributes their time in making our Community strong. October is a busy month as well with Oktoberfest and Halloween.


Important Dates

  • Oct 1 – Oktoberfest Line Dancers
  • Oct 8 – Thanksgiving Day
  • Oct 31 – Halloween Party with the Good Timers


  • The Linkages program will be starting up in November and the Students from St. Stephen’s School will be coming for their orientation in October.
  • Many of you love Happy Hour and we are considering adding another Happy Hour in the New Year! Please give your feed back to our department if you have any concerns.

Thank yous

  • To all our wonderful volunteers for their dedication and time to our residents.

Questions or Concerns?

  • If you have any questions or concerns about our events or our calendar please contact Chris Bannatyne, Director of Recreation at AgeCare Glenmore, at 403-640-8741.
  • If you would like to volunteer or would like to find out more about what volunteering opportunities exist here, please contact Laura at 403-640-8742.

Download the AgeCare Glenmore Events Calendars & Newsletter:

October 2018 RT Calendar

Bayview October Calendar