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Retirement Living: Harmony Court Estate April 2019 Activity Calendar & Newsletter

How to Stay Flexible as You Age!

Men and women may begin to feel less flexible as they get older. according to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, that loss of flexibility is because muscles lose both strength and elasticity as body ages.

lack of flexibility can make men and women more vulnerable to certain types of injuries, including muscle strains and tears. while people might not be able to maintain the flexibility they enjoyed in their twenties, there are ways for them to combat age-related loss of flexibility.

1- Stretch frequently. stretching is a great way to combat age-related loss of flexibility. stretch major muscle groups, such as hamstrings and shoulder muscles, several times per week. when practicing static stretching, the goal is to gradually elongate the muscle being stretched before holding the elongated position, and ultimately allowing the muscle to return to resting position.

as flexibility improves, elongated stretches can be held for 30 seconds. avoid stretching muscle that are sore or injured and discontinue a stretch if you feel pain or discomfort.

2-Include yoga in your exercise regimen. practitioners of yoga typically love how this unique discipline that exercise the body while relaxing the mind improves their flexibility.

many yoga poses are designed to improve the strength and flexibility of muscles, and some physicians may even recommend yoga to aging patients.

3-Get in the pool. swimming is another activity that can help aging men and women improve their flexibility. strength -training exercises are important component of a well-balanced exercise regimen, but such workouts tend to focus on one or two muscle groups at a time. that means other muscle groups maybe inactive and tighten up as a result. swimming works the entire body, which helps all muscle groups stay loose and flexible.

Stay active and flexible!

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