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Retirement Living: Harmony Court Estate May 2019 Activity Calendar & Newsletter

Cherry Blossom Drive

April, April, What Does It Brings?

Sometimes Easter, But Always Spring.

Up to Burnaby Mountain, we Travel So High,

Trees are Tinged with Green, Not a Cloud in the Sky,

We Are Going to See the Cherry Blossoms in Bloom,

It’s Not Far to Go and We’ll Be There Real Soon.

We Arrive at the Top and What Do We See?

A Forest of White Cherry Blossoms for You and Me.

The Cherry Blossoms Are There to Show off Their Beauty,

When Finished Blooming, They Will Have Done Their Spring Duty.

They Bloom for Such a Short Time Every Year,

Soon Wind, Rain and Old Age Will Make Them Disappear.

The Daffodils Huge Round Beds Give the Mountain a Golden Crown,

They’ll Show off Their Beauty, Then Die and Turn Brown.

Two Robins Appear and Flirt with Each Other,

Soon One will be a Father, The Other a Mother.

The Wind Picks Up, Then Like Snow, White Blossoms Float Down,

Path and Grass Look Like a Large Satin Gown.

The Blue Sky, Falling Petals and Robin Appear,

Spring is not On its Way but it Diffidently Here.

This poem was written by a Harmony Court Resident after a scenic bus trip

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