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Retirement Living: Harmony Court Estate November 2017 Activity Calendar & Newsletter

Harmony Court Bus trip to U.B.C

We’re off to UBC on the Harmony Bus

It’s a happy crowd, all ten of us,

It’s October 12th and we’re off to U.B.C

All looking forward to hear the Symphony’

It’s Mehri’s Birthday, a muffin with a lit candle’ is presented to her’

A smile lights her face and I almost hear her purr’

We sing happy birthday; she blows out the candle and makes her wish,

Then she puts the van in gear and Away we go- “Swish”

The wind begins to blow, the sky pours down the rain,

The streets fill with water, too much for the drains,

Then hail pounds the windshield, the wipers complain,

The hail disappears and back comes the rain,

Directions pour from eager lips on which way to go,

We’re all eager to get there and enjoy the show,

The storm passes, at the Chan Centre we arrive,

The bus is unloaded and we all go inside,

The concert begins, the music makes our day,

What a talented group of students I think as they play,

The handsome pianist was excellent, with talent galore,

We all clapped and hoped we would get an encore,

Mehri’s birthday wish for a handsome man had come true,

To her the pianist was playing just for her but he hadn’t a clue,

The concert is over, we have lunch on the bus,

The view of Howe sound pleases all of us,

Back to Harmony Court, we’re all home again

Looking forward to the next trip, minus the rain.


TERESA FLORKOW – Harmony Court Resident

October 2017


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