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Walden Heights Supportive Living Community Begins!

Our newest community in Calgary is located in Walden, on the east side of McLeod Trail heading south. This location is ideal for the seniors as it is next to grocery shopping, a drug store, medical centre and all the amenities a person may hope for.

This community boasts 90 suites with well-appointed amenities, dining rooms on each of the 4 floors. Additionally, each floor will have its own balcony so residents can enjoy fresh air and the lovely views any time they like.

Walden Heights is also a LEED project, Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design,which means it offers construction practices that support environmental health, as well as resident health.

It is designed to encompass strategies on energy efficiency, water efficiency, CO2 emission reduction, improved environment quality and the stewardship of resources.

A building becomes special when the residents move in! AgeCare is known for its programs that feature inter-generational participation and we welcome a true sense of community by involving neighbouring schools and organization to join us in our communities. We are a true partner in the communities where our buildings are located and we embrace our place in that neighbourhood!