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September 2014 Activity Calendar and News – Walden Heights

We will soon be opening our third phase of Walden Heights. Currently we are hiring our staff and preparing for the arrival of 125 new Residents. We have been reviewing the results of the surveys and are creating action plans on addressing the area’s that our Residents and Families feel need to improve. As well we are identifying practices that you feel we are doing well in order to make sure that we continue them.

Our hospitality and recreation department are working together to coordinate activities so that the dining area’s will reflect our themes.

We will be having a Family meeting each month rotating from evening one month to day in order to allow those that cannot attend during the day to get updates on what is happening.

Our next family meeting is scheduled for 3pm on Wednesday Sept 17th. Hope to see you there!

Yours, Carol Law

Calling For Apple Pie Recipes

We will be baking an apple pie per floor the week of September 22nd & are asking for your very best apple pie recipe to represent the floor  you, or your loved one is on!

  • Deadline for submissions is Monday, Sept 22nd at 8:00am
  • Email your recipes to Bonnie at

Please see activity calendar for date & time each floor will be Baking. Join us as we announce the winner of the Pie Tasting Challenge & Celebrate Oktoberfest.

  • Friday, September 26th @ 2:00pm on the Walden Heights 2nd Floor Dining Room.

Hope to see you there!

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Download the Community Newsletter & Recreation Calendar

Walden Heights September 2014 Newsletter (PDF)

Walden Heights September 2014 Calendar (PDF)