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September 2015 Activity Calendar and Newsletter – Orchard Manor

Fall is just around the corner again so we’ll have to make the most of what’s left of summer. We are planning another bus trip to Lake Newell this time.

Our first outing with the City of Brooks handi-bus was a tour around the city.

Our driver, Jeannie showed us all of the creative murals that are painted on certain buildings around the city. These artists are vey talented. A drive through Evergreen Park then out to the new Leisure Center and a stop at the Sunnylea Convenience Store for some delicious ice cream which we sat and enjoyed at the Veteran’s Park downtown. It was a great afternoon. The bus holds 12 passengers and 2 wheelchairs. The current fare is $4.00 per person. I will post the date for the next trip.

A reminder to all residents and families to enter any suggestions or comments in the Suggestion Box located by the front door entrance. We’d like to hear about any concerns you may have.

We are pleased to have Debra, our hairdresser back with us and wish her continued good health.

Be sure and check out the new activities Janet has added to the Activity Calendar and feel free to share any ideas you may have.

Special September Dates:

Sept. 3rd-Thur-10:00am-Resident Council Meeting-2ndfl Dining Room

Sept. 14th-Mon-2:00pm-Live Entertainment-Howard Muhlbier-1stfl

Sept. 21st-Mon.-9:30am-Monday Singers-1stfl

-2:00-3:00pm-Sweet Shop-1stfl

Sept. 23rd-2:00pm -Wed.-Apple Pie Social-1stfl

Sept. 29th-9:00-Tues.-11:00am-Personal Touch Clothing-1stfl

If all is lost, where is it?

Download the Orchard Manor Calendar September 2015