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September 2016 Newsletter & Calendar – AgeCare Glenmore

Congratulations to all of the Canadian athletes who competed in the Rio 2016 Olympics, as well as our very own residents who competed in the 2016 Glenmore Olympics!
We were able to host a full range of events that included Racing, Javelin Toss, Discus, and Shot-put.
Congratulations to all those who won Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.


Important Dates

  • September 6th – 9:00am until 12:00pm – Annual Fall Fair Famers Market and Harvest Café. Come with a resident and purchase fresh grown produce from the Twin Creek Colony. It will feature a variety of items such as various pies, coffees, teas, and juices all at very reasonable prices. This event will be cash and carry but residents will be able to charge purchases to their trust accounts.
  • September 22 – Autumn officially begins



  • There will be a harvest craft table for our Residents to make decorations for the coming up Farmers Market and Harvest Café.
  • Welcome back to all of our faith services after summer.


Thank yous

  • Thank you to all of the residents, families, staff, and volunteers for helping us celebrate the Rio Olympics.
  • Thank you to the Alma Lu Alma entertainers and Samba dancer for our opening ceremonies.
  • Thank you to Jeff Pedora for entertainment with our closing ceremonies
  • Thank you to all of our residents who were the flag bearers for their country.
  • Thank you to everyone who supported our residents sprout and grow plant sale. Our residents are proud of their green thumbs.


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