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Seton April Calendar 2017

Let’s hope it is safe to say spring has sprung! With the snow quickly melting away and the longer, sunnier days, we are all very excited to welcome spring with open arms. First off, we wanted to extend a big thank you to those that participated in the Seton Seniors Service drive for Calgary Homeless – together we raised $480 to donate! You may have noticed some eggs, bunnies and even giant carrots around the building…which means Easter is right around the corner. We will have lots of Easter programs and egg decorating going on for all neighborhoods. It will be a busy day on April 19th as we host our 2nd Annual Spring Market in the Atrium – a wonderful time for residents, staff and visitors to come together and do some local shopping. We are going on 4 outings this month – a drive out to Chestermere, lunch at Deerfoot Casino, breakfast at Phil’s and a trip to see the animals at Pisces Pet Emporium. For our foodies, we have a Pizza Hut in-house lunch and an Italian dinner from East Side Mario’s. Don’t miss a special visit from ‘The Parrotiers’ on the 2nd weekend of the month – come get your picture taken with these amazing birds! This month we will also we remembering our past residents with a Memorial Service on April 21st that everyone is welcome to join. Whether you’re busy doing programs with us or with independent activities, we have scheduled some programs that you are welcome to pop into as you wish – such as Movie Days, Big Pool & Shuffleboard, and the computers. If you are finding yourself looking for stuff to do on weekends, we have added more programming to our Saturdays and Sundays to keep everyone busy. Keep an eye out for a new face during your programs – we are welcoming Maricel (RTA) to the Recreation team! Remember to come down to the ‘What’s Up in Recreation’ board for all your latest updates and to sign up for all those exciting outings and in-houses!

* For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Carol Truong (Recreation Manager) 587-349-8453, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!

Here’s a quick look at the special events this month!

Friday, April 7th 1:00PM

OUTING – Country Drive & Coffee to Chestermere (sign up only)

Saturday, April 8th 10:00AM

The Parrotiers (Atrium)

Tuesday, April 11th 11:30AM

In-House Lunch – Pizza Hut (sign up only)

Thursday, April 13th 11:30AM

OUTING – Deerfoot Casino & Lunch (sign up only)

Friday April 14th

EASTER FRIDAY – No Recreation Programming

Monday, April 17th 9:30AM

OUTING – Breakfast at Phil’s (sign up only)

Wednesday, April 19th 10:00AM – 3:00PM


Thursday, April 20th 3:00PM

Drumming Up Wellness (Therapeutic Drum Circle)

Friday, April 21st 1:30PM


Wednesday, April 26th 3:15PM

Resident & Family Council (Atrium)

Thursday, April 27th 9:30AM

OUTING – Pisces Pet Emporium (sign up only)

Thursday, April 27th 2:30PM

Birthday Party (Atrium)

Thursday, April 27th 4:30PM

In-House Dinner– East Side Mario’s (sign up only)

Download the full Seton Seniors Community April calendar here:

Seton Calendar April 2017