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Seton April Calendar 2018

With the snow melting away and the longer, sunnier days, we are filling the April calendar with lots of fun and exciting programs. We will be welcoming Easter with a celebration as well as having an Easter dinner on Sunday. Our friends at Club 36 will be hosting an Art Show and Presentation and welcome all residents and friends. Thank you to everyone that participated in our Purdy’s fundraiser – which raised more than enough for our new portable oven which will host many baking and cooking opportunities for all of our residents. The fundraiser was such a success that we will continue to do it annually for Easter and Christmas. With the weather warming up, we will be walking over to the South Health Campus for their drumming circle again – make sure you dress warmly! This month we will also start planning for gardening and what we would like to grow this year. Remember to come down to the ‘What’s Up in Recreation’ board for all your latest updates and to sign up for all those exciting outings and in-houses!

* For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Carol Truong (Recreation Manager) 5873498453, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!

Here’s a quick look at the special events this month!

Tuesday, April 10th 11:30

OUTING – Movie at Canyon Meadows (sign up only)

Tuesday, April 10th 5:30

Creating Connections (all new Residents & Families)

Wednesday, April 11th 11:00

Vendor – Watkins Products

Friday, April 13th 1:00

OUTING – Milkshakes at Peters Drive In (sign up only)

Monday, April 16th 9:30

OUTING – Seniors Serve Club – Food Bank Tour (members only)

Monday, April 16th 10:00

Vendor – Personal Touch Fashions

Tuesday, April 17th 11:30

In-House Lunch – Fritou Chicken (sign up only)

Thursday, April 19th 11:00

Vendor – Parklane

Tuesday, April 24th 11:30

Food Council (Atrium)

Tuesday, April 24th 2:45

Presentation – ‘I’m Still Me’ – by HQCA (Atrium)

Wednesday, April 25th 10:00

Vendor – Standing Room Only Jewelry

Wednesday, April 25th 3:15

Resident & Family Council (Atrium)

Friday, April 27th 8:30

Men’s Breakfast (Atrium)

Monday, April 30th 9:00

OUTING – Breakfast at Ricky’s (sign up only)

Monday, April 30th 5:30

In-House Lunch – Boston Pizza (sign up only)

Download the full Seton Seniors Community April Calendar here:

Seton Calendar April 2018