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Seton April Calendar 2019

With the snow melting away and the longer, sunnier days, we are filling the April calendar with lots of fun and exciting programs. We will be celebrating Easter with unit parties for everyone to join in on the fun! With the weather warming up, we will be walking over to the South Health Campus for their drumming circle again – make sure you dress warmly! Rick Fraser – MLA will be joining us for a meet and greet with residents and families on April 7th at our Sunday Social. Exciting news – the library at the YMCA across the street is now open and we will be walking over once a month to spend some time looking at the books and stopping for coffee – make sure you sign up on the list! Not only are we going over to the library, but the library is coming to us! We are starting a new library program in which different books get dropped off every 2 weeks – let us know if you have any special requests! Our wonderful educator will be delivering some education to our residents on the 15th – everything you need to know when we have fire drills. We have 4 outings to choose from this month – lunch at Crazy Pasta in Chestermere, a country drive stopping for coffee, breakfast at Phil’s and lunch and games at Deerfoot Casino. For our foodies, we have 3 in-houses to choose from – Pizza Hut or Wendy’s for lunch and KFC for dinner. This month we will also start planning for gardening and what we would like to grow this year at SHC as well as in our own gardens. On April 26th we will be remembering our honored residents and friends at our Memorial Service – all residents, families and staff are welcome to attend. Lastly, Ohana will be providing residents with a customer appreciation event on the 27th to thank us for all the support – don’t miss out on treats and entertainment! Remember to come down to the ‘What’s Up in Recreation’ board for all your latest updates and to sign up for all those exciting outings and in-houses!

* For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Carol Truong (Recreation Manager) 5873498453, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!

Here’s a quick look at the special events this month!

Tuesday, April 2nd 10:30-3:30

Vendor – Norwex (Lobby)

Sunday, April 7th 10:15

 Sunday Social—Coffee Talk with Rick Fraser (Atrium)

Monday, April 8th 10:30-1:30

Vendor—Cards Made with a Smile (Lobby)

Tuesday, April 9th 10:30-1:00

OUTING—Lunch at Crazy Pasta ($$) (sign up only)

Wednesday, April 10th 6:00

Creating Connections Support Group (FDR) (all new residents & families)

Friday, April 12th 9:00-11:00

Vendor—The Nutman (Lobby)

Monday, April 15th 2:30

Resident Education—Fire Drills (Classroom)

Tuesday, April 16th 

11:30 In-House Lunch—Pizza Hut ($$) (sign up only) (FDR)

3:00 Easter Unit Parties

Wednesday, April 17th 

8:30 Men’s Breakfast (Atrium)

10:00-2:00 Vendor—Standing Room Only Jewelry (Lobby)

11:30 Food Council Meeting (Atrium)

1:30 Birthday Party in the Atrium ‘Ben Rose’

Thursday, April 18th 1:15-4:00

OUTING—Country Drive & Tim Hortons ($$) (sign up only)

Friday, April 19th 

Good Friday No Recreation Programming

Friday, April 22nd 9:15-11:30

OUTING—Phil’s Breakfast ($$) (sign up only)

Wednesday, April 24th 2:00

Resident & Family Council Meeting (Atrium)

Thursday, April 25th 10:30-3:30

Vendor—Just Jewelry & Clothing (Lobby)

Friday, April 26th 

1:30 Memorial Service (Atrium)

6:00 In-House Dinner—KFC ($$) (sign up only) (FDR)

Saturday, April 27th 10:00—2:00

Ohana Customer Appreciation  (Atrium) (Everyone welcome!)

Monday, April 29th 2:30

11:30 In-House Lunch—Wendy’s ($$) (sign up only) (FDR)

Tuesday, April 16th 9:30—2:00

OUTING—Deerfoot Casino Lunch & Games ($$) (sign up only)

Download the full Seton Seniors Community April Calendar here:

Seton Calendar April 2019