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Seton December Calendar 2018

The holiday season is finally upon us! This month is full to the brim with lots of entertainment, caroling, holiday parties and events. This time of the year we are so lucky and we get many different groups from the community coming in to share their time with our residents – so be on the look out for tons of Christmas caroling you can join in on! The YMCA across the street is really coming along – we have a special guest presenter coming in to share some information about the Public Library that is opening in the new year. We also have a special visit from our MLA – Rick Fraser who will be spending some time with our residents during this holiday time at our Tea Party on the 17th. Our outings this month consist of a trip to Walmart to do a little Christmas shopping and have lunch, dessert at the Cheesecake Cafe and winding down with our ever popular Christmas Light tours. For our foodies, we have McDonald’s for breakfast, an in-house lunch with OPA and Chili Island Chinese for the in-house dinner.  We have a special Christmas party on the 21st which you want to miss! Remember to come down to the ‘What’s Up in Recreation’ board for all your latest updates and to sign up for all those exciting outings and in-houses!

* For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Carol Truong (Recreation Manager) 587-349-8453, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!

Here’s a quick look at the special events this month!

Wednesday, Dec 5th 2:45 PM

Seton Public Library Presentation (Atrium)

Friday, Dec 7th 10:00 AM

Christmas Market (Atrium)

Tuesday, Dec 11th 

12:00-4:00 OUTING—McDonald’s Lunch & Walmart Shopping (sign up only)

Wednesday, Dec 12th 

6:00 Creating Connections  Support Group (All new residents and families)

Friday, Dec 14th

11:30 In-House Lunch—OPA (sign up only)

2:00 Birthday Party in the Atrium ‘Faye Jones’

Monday, Dec 17th 

10:00 Tea Party with Rick Fraser (Atrium)

Tuesday, Dec 18th 

9:00 In-House Breakfast—McDonald’s  (sign up only)

1:00-3:30 OUTING—Dessert at The Cheesecake Factory (sign up only)

Wednesday, Dec 19th 

8:30 Men’s Breakfast Club (Atrium)

11:30 Food Council Meeting (Atrium)

2:00 Resident & Family Council Meeting (Atrium)

Thursday, Dec 20th

5:45-7:45 OUTING—Christmas Light Tour #1 (sign up only)

Friday, Dec 21st 

2:00 Christmas Party in the Atrium ‘Marina—Songs & Stories’

Tuesday, Dec 25th 

Christmas Day – No Recreation Programming

Wednesday, Dec 26th 

Boxing Day – No Recreation Programming

Thursday, Dec 27th

5:45-7:45 OUTING—Christmas Light Tour #2 (sign up only)

Friday, Dec 28th 

5:15 In-House Dinner—Chili Island Chinese (sign up only)

Download the full Seton Seniors Community December calendar here:

Seton Calendar December 2018