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Seton March Calendar 2020

March is here and we are hoping that this means Spring is just around the corner. We will be celebrating St.Patrick’s Day with a celebration in the Atrium that you don’t want to miss. For our foodies, we have 3 in-houses to choose from – Smitty’s for brunch, KFC for lunch and Ricky’s for dinner. There will be lots of entertainment this month so keep an eye on the calendar. The Recreation team will be busy learning on Mar 26th at an all day retreat – returning the 27th with even better ideas on how to best deliver programs and facilitate leisure for our residents.

At the bottom of this email, you will find the most updated meeting minutes from both our Town Hall and Food Council for your convenience.

* Due to new policy changes, our Recreation staff members our working hard towards getting qualified to drive our AgeCare bus to provide residents with outings. We apologize for the lack of outings as we transition through this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

* For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Carol Truong (Recreation Manager) 587-349-8453, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!

A special message from our Hospitality team

Our Food Services department has been working diligently to address some of the key areas of concern for our residents. We have made adjustments to the upcoming Spring/Summer menu to further align with our resident’s suggestions and feedback. We have received such valuable feedback from our Menu Review and we want to thank everyone who provided the feedback used in the development of our next menu.

MEAL FEEDBACK CARDS – this allows our residents to provide us with specific feedback for each and every meal we offer. We use this to better inform our kitchen teams of areas of improvement, as well as to highlight the work our serving teams are doing. These cards can be found on your table at each meal served.

CHEF WALKS program – while this program was paused during Flu season to maintain the safety of our food services department, we will be resuming the Chef Walks program in March as we continue to close the gap between our residents and those who are preparing their meals. Our team of cooks have embraced this program and will continue to drive it forward as they hope to always improve and innovate our processes to deliver the best possible meals for our residents.

MEAL SERVICE TOUR program – where residents have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes view into the processes we use from the time the meal is prepared until it arrives on your plate. While we had to cancel our January and February tours due to the Flu, we will be bringing this program back in March as well. If you have signed up for a tour, look to see an invite soon.

* For any questions regarding Hospitality and Food Services – contact Jerome Mulrooney (Hospitality Manager) 403-629-4190,


Download the full Seton Seniors Community March Calendar here:

Seton Calendar March 2020

Download the Town Hall minutes here: 

Town Hall Minutes – Feb 2020

Download the Food Council minutes here: 

Food Council Minutes – Feb 2020