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Seton February Calendar 2020

We seem to underestimate how busy February is until it is around the corner! Some important events to celebrate this month – Valentines and Recreation Therapy month! Since Recreation is important in everyone’s lives, we will be celebrating with a special celebration to spread the word about Recreation Therapy. Oaks and Acorns are honoring their grand-friends by hosting their annual Valentines Tea on the 12th which will be super cute! For our foodies, we have 3 in-houses to choose from – Tim Horton’s for brunch, Wendy’s for lunch and Boston Pizza for dinner. For Valentines, the Recreation team will be selling Candy-Grams – chocolate roses that you can send off to someone special with a Valentines card. The team will be selling for the week of Valentines and then delivering on the 14th – all proceeds go back into Recreation programming. We will be celebrating Valentines with special unit parties for everyone to enjoy on their own neighborhood.

At the bottom of this email, you will find the most updated meeting minutes from both our Town Hall and Food Council for your convenience.

* Due to new policy changes, our Recreation staff members our working hard towards getting qualified to drive our AgeCare bus to provide residents with outings. We apologize for the lack of outings as we transition through this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

* For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Carol Truong (Recreation Manager) 587-349-8453, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!

You spoke, We Listened

A special message from our Hospitality team

Our Food Services department has been working diligently to address some of the key areas of concern for our residents. We have made adjustments to the Fall/Winter menu to provide more resident suggestions and feedback. We have received such valuable feedback from our Menu Review and we are excited to add many new items suggested by residents to our Spring/Summer menu.

MEAL FEEDBACK CARDS – this allows our residents to provide us with specific feedback for each and every meal we offer. We use this to better inform our kitchen teams of areas of improvement, as well as to highlight the work our serving teams are doing. These cards can be found on your table at each meal served.

CHEF WALKS program –  where the cook who prepared your meal that day visits one of the dining rooms to receive first hand feedback from the residents and to see how their meals look at the point of service. These conversations and observations have led our cooks to adjust how things are prepared to ensure meals are at their best quality for our residents.

MEAL SERVICE TOUR program – where residents have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes view into the processes we use from the time the meal is prepared until it arrives on your plate.

* For any questions regarding Hospitality and Food Services –  contact Jerome Mulrooney (Hospitality Manager) 403-629-4190,


Download the full Seton Seniors Community February Calendar here:

Seton Calendar February 2020

Download Town Hall meeting minutes here:

 Town Hall minutes – Jan 16 2020

Download Food Council meeting minutes here:

Food Council minutes – Jan 2020