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SkyPointe August 2018 Calendar and Newsletter

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Calendar & Newsletter


Meet the Recreation Department

Recreation Therapy Manager: Marlee Dukart, CTRS

Recreation Therapists:

Gloria Michael

Joy Dungog

Recreation Therapy Aides:

Val Bautista

Arvin Perez

Hyder Syed

Darci Schapansky

The recreation department is working hard to provide quality programs and activities for our residents. Over the next few weeks, the recreation team will be

slowly adding to their inventory and supplies.

If you have any suggestions of types of programs and activities you would like to see at SkyPointe please let your Recreation team know!

News and Events

August 8th SkyPointe Men’s Group Meet & Greet

Every Friday Crib and Tile Rummy

August 10th 12:00 Pizza In-House Lunch

August 5th and 19th Sunday Matinee’s

August 15th Happy Hour

August 16th and 30th Evening at the movies

August 20th 12:00 Chinese Food In-House Lunch

August 28th Skypointe Women’s Group

August 29th Birthday Party in the Atrium


Signing Up for Programs, Special Events and at Cost Programs

Programs that require residents to sign up will be BOLDED on the calendar. Some programs will have limited space, we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. Sign Up during What’s Up in Recreation? Or come directly to the recreation office and sign up on the bulletin board outside.

In House Meals

There will be various in-house meals on the recreation calendar. This is a special meal a resident can enjoy; either ordered in, prepared by the recreation staff, or by the resident themselves during a baking program. This program has a cost associated to it. Resident’s will be charged through their trust accounts.

Expressive Art Class

During the Expressive Art Class, residents will have the opportunity to be creative through different types of art and craft projects. Each class will be different.

This program has a cost associated to it; $5/class. This will cover costs for special supplies needed for the art class. Resident’s will be charged through their trust accounts.

* August Expressive Art Classes will be at no charge to determine the interest in the class*

Program Highlight



Maximum 8 cards/game

Winners of each game will receive a cash prize!*

*Prize amount based on number of players

Game 1,2,3 regular games

Game 4 Black Out

Intermission – Coffee and Bathroom Break

Games 5,6,7 regular games

Game 8 Black Out

Resident’s can Pay with cash, or be charged through their trust account!

For any questions or if you would like to sign your loved one up for something special –  contact Marlee Dukart (Recreation Therapy Manager) 587-619-6317, or stop in to Recreation and speak to a member of the team!



Download the Recreation Calendar here: August 2018