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ValleyView Handiwork Group Crochets and Knits for the Women’s Shelter

Once a week, you can find the ladies in the Handiwork Group sitting near the fireplace in the library spending their afternoon crocheting and knitting a variety of items including gloves and hats for a charity in Lethbridge. When the group first met, they decided they would do this for only three months of the year, but after becoming great friends and enjoying each other’s company, they turned it into a year-round event.


The items made are displayed on a clothesline on the main staircase at ValleyView from January until spring. Once enough items are made, the group donates them to a charity of their choice. Last year, more than 60 items of clothing were donated to the Salvation Army and this year’s will be donated to the Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter.


Once the items have been donated in the spring, the group begins making more clothes that they donate to events such as ValleyView’s Christmas Bazaar and Mother’s Day Tea. Some members of the group also crochet and knit toques, which they donate to the maternity ward of the hospital for newborn babies.

“The residents really enjoying giving back to the community in a valuable way,” says Sheila Schwab, Recreation Coordinator, “it makes them feel good that they are making a difference.”