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Walden Heights MVP Nominations June 2015

AgeCare MVP Award

Dear Team Member, Resident, Family Member

 AgeCare MVP Award has been designed to recognize AgeCare employees who best exemplify commitment to AgeCare’s Mission, Vision and demonstrate AgeCare’s Guiding Principles of Trust, Respect, Quality and Teamwork.  This award will be held semi-annually every July and January at all AgeCare sites. Award recipients will be identified based on a peer and resident/family nomination process, followed by final selection by the Management Team.

Deserving employees will be nominated by their peers or residents/families for showing outstanding commitment to AgeCare’s Mission, Vision and contributions to AgeCare Guiding Principles. This award recognizes our employees who promote and express commitment to AgeCare’s Mission, Vision and values that make us unique and powerful. It is a cooperative, rather than a competitive award, and the aim is to provide inspiration and examples to other team members.

You can nominate any employee from any department including Care, Hospitality, Maintenance and Administration. Please nominate the individual who you think is the most deserving person. In order to nominate an employee, you need to complete a “Nomination Form”. Nomination forms are available at your site’s administration department. Please submit the completed nomination form to your administration department no later than  June 17th, 2015.

After the nomination process is completed, the Selection Committee determines one winner in each of AgeCare four Guiding Principles.

Thanks for helping us to be a strong, effective and ethical organization collectively!

Carol Law

General Manager

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