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Walden Heights Newsletter & Calendar – June 2016

General Manager Message

We just had a very successful 4th Anniversary party here thanks to the effort of our Recreation team.  The summer is coming up soon and we are excited about it.  Once again we will be working on the garden and enjoying the courtyards.

We have some great news in that we will soon be removing the carpet on the third floor of Vista.  This will be a coordinated effort with all departments working to insure minimal disruptions to our Residents and Families.

It is also the time of the year that we will reach out to families to ask them to filling our survey to let us know how we are doing.  Alberta health services will also be doing serves with selected representative to allow you to give your feedback.

The weather is changing and the temperature is fluctuating.  Please let us know if the neighbourhood you are in or visiting is too hot or too cold.  Out maintenance team is asking for your help to let us know if there is a concern about windows. If you see any item that need to be attended please let the receptionist know or fill out a comment card.  If you would like them to let you know the status please let them know.

Happy Spring!​

Carol Law

WH Newsletter June 2016

Walden Heights Calendar – June 2016