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Walden Heights Newsletter May 2016

Message from the General Manager

We are excited about the roll out of the new AgeCare Walden Heights Newsletter.

Going forward we will feature information about our previous MVP winners as well as various team members. We want you to know who they are and why they were recognized by co-workers, family members and residents are representing our guiding principles.

In an effort to keep families informed of when the family meeting are, we will post the dates and time for the calendar year in the elevators. We are looking into having guest speakers about topics that family members may be interested in. We ask that if there is a particular topic regarding seniors you would like us to have someone come in to address you let us know ether by speaking to us or using the feedback forms.  When there are special speakers or  topics we will post this information as well.

The summer season has come earlier than anticipated with the mild winter.  Please remember to have sun block and sunglasses available if you are going outside with the residents.  It is very important to ensure that everyone remains hydrated on hot days. Our courtyards are now open and if the balcony door is secured the LPN or RN on the neighbourhood can have it opened for you.

WH Newsletter May 2016

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