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Walden Heights Newsletter September 2015

Hi Everyone,


We had an MVP presentation at Walden Heights to acknowledge the many team members that were nominated by coworkers, Residents and Families.  The following staff members are the winners of each category; Trust Jane Huo LPN, Respect Sultan Weyessa HCA, Yogesh Sheta LPN, and Larry Lott Maintenance.

Thank you to everyone that participated in our nomination process.  We will soon be posting the pictures of current and Past winners for everyone to enjoy.

Next Family Meeting will be held on Wed, Sept 23rd at 3:30pm.

Yours, Carol Law

Director Of Care

The Seniors Health Strategic Clinical Network (SH SCN) has invited Eau Claire, Encharis, Rocky Ridge, Sagewood, Aspen Ridge and Walden Heights to participate as the Calgary zone sites in a Collaborative, focused on the Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics (AUA) in Supportive Living sites.  This is to learn how the resources on this topic for the LTC sites in Alberta, apply to the Supportive Living context.

Please contact me, if you as a family member of a resident who has dementia is willing to come to the session to work with the site teams to plan an intervention that includes the families’ perspective. The family representative should be registered as a volunteer at Walden, and have signed your confidentiality forms.  Hopefully about 5 people, including one family member, from each site will be able to attend the sessions.

Trish Ramstead

Walden Heights Newsletter September 2015

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