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Walden Heights Seniors Community has an Influenza Outbreak

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has declared an influenza outbreak at our facility.  As a result, they require and recommend that we implement various control measures to help prevent further spread of this infectious disease.

These control measures include the following:

  • Restrictions on visitors.  Any visitor who is ill should postpone their visit until recovered (always, not just in outbreak).  We respectfully request that you reschedule your visit until we are no longer in outbreak. If you must visit, please sanitize your hands on entering and leaving the building, and limit your visit to the Resident on their floor, without moving them around the community.
  • Restrictions on activities. We have discontinued all visitor meals during the outbreak. In the neighbourhoods on outbreak, recreation activities have also been put on hold. Our receptionist will be able to let you know what our outbreak status is.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces.
  • Exclusion of unimmunized staff unless taking antiviral medication.
  • Strong recommendation that well residents, even if immunized against influenza, receive antiviral medication to help prevent influenza infection.  Prescriptions for this mediation are being arranged by health care professionals providing care at the facility. There is no charge for the medication arranged through the facility.

Due to the outbreak, we are unfortunately unable to host the Family and Friends Christmas Dinner originally scheduled for the 20th of December.  Please join us instead on January the 4th for our Sunday Brunch.  The traditional resident only Christmas Dinner will still occur on December 25th.

We thank everyone for their cooperation during this flu season and hope you all have a healthy holiday season.


Carol Law
General Manager