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Walden Heights Seniors Community is no longer in outbreak

We wish to thank all family and friends that did not come to Walden Heights during this outbreak as it assisted us in preventing further spread of the influenza virus. At this time we do still have some Residents that are recovering and suggest that you contact the neighbourhood LPN to ensure that the resident you wish to visit is well. Please help us to enjoy a healthy Holiday season by not visiting Walden Heights if you are feeling unwell. Please ensure that you do sanitize your hands upon entry into Walden Heights.

Although we were not able to offer the Christmas Dinner for Friends and Family we will have the Traditional Christmas Dinner at Walden Heights for Residents only. Please contact Reception if you would like to purchase tickets to join us in the New Year for our Sunday Brunch on January 4th.

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Happy New Year.


Carol Law
General Manager