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Volunteer Spotlight: Mack, AgeCare Columbia

Mack has been an AgeCare Columbia volunteer in Lethbridge for the past 18 months. He shares that during his time as a volunteer, he has been astonished to see how recreational activities can drastically improve an individual’s well being physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively.   As a 4th-year Neuroscience/Psychology student, Mack has also learned a great deal about aging and expressed that his positive volunteer experiences at AgeCare have solidified his interest in pursuing Medical School.   Mack’s warmth, support, and energy have also made a lasting impression with both the residents and staff at AgeCare Columbia. The staff at the community explain that residents often ask, “when is Mack coming?”   As a volunteer, Mack supports residents with computer Read More...

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Gratitude Galore

Helen says she is thankful every day for the people at AgeCare who shower her with generosity, kindness and care. “I have more than I could wish for from this place and the people here,” she said, from her home at AgeCare’s Valleyview in Medicine Hat. “This is the first time in my life that I’ve had a quiet, peaceful place to retreat to every day.”   Helen spent much of her youth caring for her younger sibling and then went on to become a mother and take care of her own family. Later in life she looked after her aging parents while tending to the failing health of her husband. “I am grateful every day for the people who look after me because I know how hard it is and how much effort it takes,” Helen said.      Read More...