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Volunteer Spotlight: Alison, AgeCare Midnapore

Alison has been a volunteer at AgeCare Midnapore for nearly four years.

After taking a year off to settle into retirement, Alison was encouraged to connect with AgeCare by other family members. She soon found her bi-weekly volunteer shifts filled her with purpose and a routine she truly enjoyed.

At AgeCare Midnapore, Alison runs the corner store and takes pride in helping find the best selection and price for residents. During her shifts, she also enjoys connecting with fellow bookworms, discussing their next read and selecting titles for the coming week.

Alison has become good friends with many residents over her four years as a volunteer, and though she has had to say goodbye to a few great people along the way, she is continuously thankful for the relationships and camaraderie at AgeCare Midnapore. She says that the social element of volunteering brightens her day.

When it comes to offering advice during this time, Alison says to regularly reach out and keep in touch with those who may be isolated.  Get back to old fashioned telephone calls that create positive feelings of connection.

Alison Running the Corner Store