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Volunteer Spotlight: Alysha, AgeCare Midnapore

Alysha has been a volunteer at AgeCare Midnapore for 3.5 years.

Since her very first day, she has diligently cared for Fred, Ginger, and Nikko – a trio of feathered friends that live in the community. The two Cockatiels and one tiny Parrotlet depend on her care and attention each week and love their weekly spray bottle showers.

Alysha’s support extends to humans as well as an AgeCare companion volunteer.  She’s always just a phone call away when help is needed with special events  – including resident Happy Hour on Friday afternoons.

Alysha was interested in new experiences when she happened upon the AgeCare Volunteer Program.  She feels she has learned a great deal from residents and their lived experiences, and credits the Recreation team with creating a community of positivity.

She encourages everyone to stay busy during this time by participating in AgeCare’s Pen Pal Program (

Fred and Ginger the Cockatiels

Nikko the Parrotlet