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Volunteer Spotlight: First Alliance Church, AgeCare Seton

Members of the First Alliance Church have volunteered at AgeCare Seton since the community first opened. They began as a small Bible Study group in the community, and have since grown to be a 30+ member congregation.

The team and residents have transitioned over time, but the Church’s connection with residents has continued to grow. At one time, the group even included one of their fathers when he himself became an AgeCare Seton Resident.

The volunteers pictured include Rick, Shirley, Myrna (Pianist), Pastor Doug, and Lloyd (missing). Rick leads the group in song, Myrna and Lloyd sing-along, Shirley provides hugs and music sheets, and Pastor Doug provides a Sunday message.

To spiritually support residents during this time, the First Alliance volunteers will be creating a Church newsletter that will be distributed at AgeCare Seton.

The First Alliance members are keeping staff and residents in their prayers during this time.

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