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Waste Not, Want Not

AgeCare has introduced a new method of meal planning and serving that is helping reduce the amount of food we waste, while offering residents more freedom to choose food items and control their portions.
The process involves careful planning and tracking the amount of food consumed at mealtime. By applying simple math, food services can track how much food is being consumed and how much is going to waste.

An important part of the equation is serving our residents tableside rather than plating their food. This gives them the opportunity to opt in or out of food items and choose their preferred quantity. At the same time, our dieticians are conducting regular food-plate audits, to monitor changes in appetite that may indicate a health concern, and to help inform the quantities of food production.

“This new system keeps food waste to a minimum and is part of our commitment to operate in an environmentally responsible manner,” said Rob Shea, AgeCare’s Vice President of Support Services and Facility Management. “It really appeals to residents, many of whom grew up in an era of scarcity. They don’t like to waste food, and this way they can choose their portions.”