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Yahoo! Rodeo and Exhibition Activities for Seniors

Summer has officially arrived in Alberta. With many of the province’s world famous agricultural celebrations, exhibitions, and rodeos there is no better time to enjoy the outdoors. Not only are these events an excellent way participate in Alberta’s vibrant western culture, but they’re an opportunity for seniors to stay active outdoors. Studies indicate that seniors’ who spend time outside improve their overall well-being and outlook on life.


We have created a list of recommended activities that all generations can enjoy, along with some tips to help guarantee seniors’ comfort and enjoyment this summer.


1)      Watch a Parade

A parade is an activity that the whole family will love. Get the perfect spot by heading out early and take comfortable chairs. Bring plenty of water and healthy snacks to stay nourished while you enjoy the bands and admire the floats. Don’t forget your sunglasses!


2)      Attend the Rodeo or Chuckwagon Races


See the excitement unfold at one of Alberta’s legendary pro rodeos or chuckwagon races. Arrive early to find a seat in the shade or wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Make it a family affair as you watch the heart racing events from the stands.


3)      Enjoy the Fireworks


Watching the fireworks with loved ones is the perfect way to finish off an active day. You will be awestruck as the beautifully orchestrated colours light up the night’s sky. Avoid prolonged standing by bringing a folding chair.


4)      Attend a Pancake Breakfast


Take advantage of the cooler mornings by participating in a pancake breakfast. Most events are free, so be sure to fill your belly with plenty of delicious flapjacks. Don’t forget your cowboy hat and to apply sunscreen before you leave for the day!


We hope you’ll join us at one of our Pancake Breakfasts in either Lethbridge at AgeCare Columbia on August 24 or in Medicine Hat at AgeCare Valleyview on July 29!


Alberta has many great events to attend this summer. With some planning, you can enjoy some of that western spirit and drink in the refreshing prairie sunshine. Mark your calendar for the upcoming: