Doreen Lee


Vice President, Financial Reporting

Doreen Lee is passionate about being on a path of continuous learning and improvement for herself and in partnership with her team at AgeCare.

In a role she finds satisfying, Doreen manages AgeCare’s financial portfolio, including financial operations and systems, financial reporting and budgeting, treasury, insurance, and payroll.

Doreen holds true to the philosophy that with good financial stewardship, AgeCare can ensure proper allocation of resources to create a sustainable organization that provides quality care to residents. She takes pride in the knowledge she brings and is committed to providing solid financial guidance to support business decisions and innovations.

Before joining AgeCare, Doreen achieved her designation while working at KPMG. She then spent over 10 years in financial leadership positions in publicly funded organizations, including an educational institution and a continuing care organization similar to AgeCare. In her early career days, she tested her entrepreneurial limits, owning and managing a restaurant on Vancouver Island.

After putting in a day of managing AgeCare finances, Doreen enjoys dancing and indulging in games and puzzles with her family.