Khairun Jivani


Khairun Jivani


Vice President, BC Operations

Dr. Khairun Jivani is a seasoned professional with boundless vision and diverse experience in the Canadian healthcare system. Prior to joining AgeCare, Dr. Jivani performed senior leadership roles that spanned public, private and non-profit sectors, leading complex operations with strategic, transformative, and service delivery initiatives. In addition to being an internationally trained dental surgeon, she brings extensive expertise in many domains of healthcare, including prevention, primary care, community care, and palliative care.

At AgeCare, Dr. Jivani is responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership for all of our British Columbia communities while contributing to the operational goals and espousing the mission, vision and values of AgeCare. Her role includes overseeing both care and support services; developing and leading strong cross-functional teams; ensuring the delivery of safe, quality, compassionate, person-centred care and service; and upholding the residents’ rights to autonomy, choice, dignity and respect while meeting the regulatory standards and contract obligations in the continuing care sector.

Dr. Jivani cares deeply about positively impacting seniors’ lives and genuinely contributing to improved health outcomes. She is passionate about enriching people’s lives through quality care, service and programs – creating vibrant communities where residents experience fulfillment, purpose and value.

When Dr. Jivani is not fully immersed in her work at AgeCare, she recharges in nature and is an avid runner and hiker.