Melanie Brophy


Vice President, Operations Alberta

Melanie Brophy believes that health care is rooted in altruism, and that is a belief she upholds daily with her professional actions and her personal dedication to the AgeCare team.

In her role as Vice President Care Services, Melanie provides strategic leadership to promote and sustain strong and effective care teams across all AgeCare communities. As a purpose-driven leader, Melanie is steadfast in her focus to ensure the delivery of safe, quality, and compassionate person-centred care. She never loses sight of AgeCare’s commitment to honour residents’ rights of autonomy, choice, dignity, and respect while meeting the standards and obligations of the LTC health sector.

With an educational background that encompasses both health care and business, Melanie has held progressively senior roles in acute care and community care in her 20-plus years of experience.

When she is not hard at work doing her part to manifest the AgeCare mission or mentoring new health care leaders, Melanie might be found at a recreation centre, where she volunteers with her local Minor Hockey Association.