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National Nursing Week – May 9-15, 2022

This year’s theme for National Nursing Week is a powerful declaration … ‘We answer the call.’

Alongside the care and services teams, our nurses transcend mountainous obstacles in their quest to ‘answer the call.’

“In praise of our nurses who ceaselessly and passionately answer the call to deliver quality care to our residents at AgeCare, this week and every week, we offer our sincere gratitude and wholeheartedly appreciation. May your hearts be fortified by the nourishment you give others, and may your lives be illuminated with the goodness you dispense in the world.”

– Salimah Walji-Shivji, AgeCare COO.

Time and time again, nurses demonstrate their willingness to show up and do what needs doing. They summon the gutsiness and grace to apply expert skills, exceptional services, and boundless compassion. Each day, we witness their caring acts and unyielding commitment to answer the call … to serve humankind. With gratitude and admiration – we give thanks to you all.