Six AgeCare Employees Nominated for BC Care Awards

28 February 2024

Every year, the BC Care Providers Association holds the BC Care Awards. These awards provide a chance to celebrate the exceptional passion and commitment of the people who care for older adults across BC.

This year, we were excited to have six AgeCare employees from across BC nominated for the BC Care Provider of the Year Award. These six individuals were all nominated by their colleagues because they go above and beyond to provide the best care for our residents.

Valerie LeRoy – AgeCare Glenwarren

You can always tell when Valerie is coming down the hall from the smiles that appear on residents’ faces. As a Recreation Aide at Victoria’s AgeCare Glenwarren, she leads a variety of highly successful and impactful programs, including a resident choir, creative writing, watercolour painting, and life skills stations. In addition, she is a valued emotional support for residents, family and staff, always willing to sit and listen to concerns. She makes strong connections with residents who are in end-of-life care and who are non-responsive to most of the world.

“Valerie consistently goes above and beyond the scope of her job to ensure resident needs are met,” says Thomas Bowden, Recreation Manager at AgeCare Glenwarren. “Since she started, our hallways have filled with colour, and resident art projects, music and laughter fill the home.”

Kristian Asuncion, AgeCare Royal City

As a leader, Kristian creates a safe environment for staff where it is safe to learn, ask questions and make mistakes. Kristian began as a floor nurse (LPN) at New Westminster’s AgeCare Royal City and was soon promoted to Resident Care Coordinator after his exceptional leadership and people skills shined through. With humour, compassion and patience, Kristian connects with residents, families and community partners. He ensures a high standard of care for all residents through the mentorship and support he provides to his staff.

“Joy and love for people emanate from Kristian when he is interacting with residents,” says Shereesse MacDonald, Executive Director at AgeCare Royal City. “Even if his plate is overflowing with things to do, he checks in with his colleagues and staff to see how he can make their day better. It is an honor and a privilege to work alongside him.”

Debbie Kleu – AgeCare James Bay

Debbie is the Executive Director at AgeCare James Bay, located in the heart of Victoria. Her compassionate, inclusive, and open-minded leadership style makes this community feel like home to both residents and employees. Debbie keeps her office door open and is always there for a chat with residents, leadership, and frontline team members. A true team player, she has never hesitated to step up to the plate and fill in for other roles to support her team or coworkers on the island, willingly learning any position required to keep her home feeling supported and running smoothly.

“In a home that has many contracted workers, Debbie has great respect for all disciplines and sees herself as a team player,” says Penny Hill, AgeCare’s Vancouver Island Regional Director. “This creates strong relationships that make AgeCare James Bay a lovely place to live and work at.”

JC Ciruela – AgeCare Harmony Court

JC’s superpower is getting to know residents for who they are and using that knowledge to help them feel at home. A Licensed Practical Nurse at Burnaby’s AgeCare Harmony Court, she makes a special effort to visit and get to know residents throughout the community. Her humour and positive energy help create a comfortable and fun environment for our older adult residents.

“JC often shares information about the mannerisms and interests of residents to help me better communicate with and relate to them,” explains Teena Love, AgeCare Harmony Court’s Executive Director. “For example, she let me know that one resident’s passion is cooking, and with this knowledge I was able to connect with the resident over this shared interest. I have also seen her try to learn words in residents’ native languages, which makes them feel more at home.”

Beverly Tanseco – AgeCare Holyrood

As Executive Director at AgeCare Holyrood in Maple Ridge, Beverly puts AgeCare’s commitment to person-centred care in to action every day. She works hard to ensure that our older adult residents feel respected, seen, and heard, and empowers her staff to do the same, both through everyday interactions and fun initiatives such as resident talent shows. She is also a supportive leader who never misses an opportunity to celebrate her team’s accomplishments. Her door is always open to her employees, no matter what department they work in.

“Bev has made coming to work a pleasure,” shares a member of AgeCare Holyrood’s leadership team. “When she started, it was as if we all felt the weight we carried become lighter. She is committed to creating a working environment that is welcoming, safe and friendly.”

Rebecca Burr – AgeCare Cariboo Place

As a Resident Care Aide at AgeCare Cariboo Place in Williams Lake, Rebecca is always available to residents, willing to hear them out and respond to their specific care needs without any hesitation. Recognizing the significance of comfort items in residents’ lives, she takes the extra step of creating personalized care packages with their favorite snacks, blankets, or mementos. In addition, she is committed to building a collaborative team within the community – ensuring doctors, nurses, therapists, and support staff are on the same page and working together to ensure that residents’ needs are met.

“Rebecca is one of the most hard-working care aides, always there to lend a helping hand,” says Kyla Cameron, Recreation Worker at AgeCare Cariboo Place. “She comes to work with a positive attitude, treats our residents with respect and is always there for her coworkers.”

Congratulations to all our AgeCare nominees. Thank you for all you do to provide the best quality of life experience for our residents!

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